Mission Statement

New Pisgah Day Care is committed to ensure quality instruction in a nurturing and safe environment.

We provide quality instruction using Creative Curriculum, which provides a hands-on approach that implements discovery through play. We equip our students with the necessary developmental skills to become life long learners.


Executive Director

Gloria Smith Gold

Assisiant Director




Head Start Teacher

Sara Saltman

Food Service Manager

Denise Thomas

 INFANTS (6weeks-2yrs old)

Susan Simpson, Monica McIntyre, Janice Wilson

TERRIFIC TWO’S (2-3yrs old)

Vera Baskin, Denise Thomas, Charmaine Black

BUSY BEE (3-4yrs old)

Teona Sullivan

BABY BEARS(4-5yrs)

Sara Saltman, Ontheia Renee Beasley