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The New Pisgah Missionary Baptist Church was founded on November 17, 1965.  Rev Sylvester Smith Jr. later gave the sermon, “Upon This Rock I will Build My Church,” Matthew 16:18.
In 1973, we moved to 8130 South Racine Ave.
In 1977, we opened the New Pisgah Day Care Center. Our Day Care Center services over 60 children and is a valuable asset to the working parents of this community.
During our 44 years, we have had over 250 members, and our church is an important and valuable asset to our community in education and Christianity.
Presently, we have completed a Day Care Center, 2 Senior Buildings, and a Construction Company where we focus on rehabbing for low income families. New Pisgah has provided plenty of job opportunities for the community.

Pastor Wayne L. Smith

I am Pastor Wayne L. Smith,  I have been newly installed as the pastor of  New Pisgah Missionary Baptist Church, assuming leadership from Pastor Sylvester  Smith Jr., my father of 44 years. One of my main goals for our church has always been community outreach.  This vision  came to my dad when in  1995 he was awarded a 4.5 million dollar grant from HUD for senior housing.  One of my main visions after taking over the church is to continue  helping others in the construction field.

We are reaching out to many other facets of community involvement such as our Annual Christmas and Thanksgiving give-a-ways; Back-to-School    give away, Easter Baskets, Honor Roll and Good Effort Monetary Awards, Church Annual Picnic, Burial Insurance Policy for members of New Pisgah,  Members Night Out Free to all members, New Pisgah Annual Vacation for all members and their Families, and Our Annual Valentine’s Breakfast are all  part of out ministry.

God has blessed us with all these wonderful programs, that I feel will benefit the entire Christian community in the City of Chicago.
We would like to invite you to attend our Morning Worship Service every Sunday at 11:00 a.m.  Our weekly bible class every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.
We are trying to make a difference in this Community and  the entire City of Chicago.


Pastor Wayne L. Smith