About Our Director


Stanley Smith is a high-energy executive with over thirty years of extensive diverse experience providing sales management, leadership, and consulting services. He has been highly successful in developing custom made solutions which impact processes, people and technology. Mr. Smith has extensive relationship development and team building experience and was the force behind the solicitation and ultimate awarding of both senior center development funding.

His non-profit background includes his integral involvement in the development of the New Pisgah M.B. Church for over 20 years. He has the unique ability to understand business growth objectives combined with a solid knowledge of business transitions. Mr. Smith has extensive relationship funding of over $20 million. Under his leadership we are developing and completing the following: Rehab Bank Foreclosed Homes, Providing Rental Properties for low income residents, 80 unit senior living center, expansion of New Pisgah Day Care Center, Construction Apprentice Trainging Program, Urban Weatherization Program Veterans Home.