New Pisgah Haven Homes Staff

Shirley O. Watkins – Property Manager

Shirley O. Watkins has served as our Property Manager for over sixteen years.  her responsibilities are to manage and oversee on a day to day basis the operation of our senior building.  Shirley is educated and certified in many areas, Assistant Housing Manager, Senior Specialist, Certified Occupancy Specialist, Certified Manager of Maintenance, and Real Estate Leasing Agent.  The list goes on, Shirley brings good communication to work in a proper manner. She’s well respected by many, and she has very good verbal and communication skills.  She observes the needs of the elderly, and is always alert and patient with those in need of help.  Shirley is a very warm hearted and compassionate person that puts the needs of others in front of her own.

Ruthie Smith – Assistant Property Manager

Ruthie Smith has been the Assistant Property Manager since 2001.  Her duties consist of Human Resource, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, and other day by day administrative duties. She’s a Certified Fair Housing Specialist.  Ruthe is a very compassionate and dedicated employee, she has received the Team Player award for th last three years.   She is a very valued employee of  New Pisgah Haven Homes.


Becky Clark – Service Coordinator


Becky recently joined the New Pisgah Haven Home family in October 2012 and serves as the Resident Service Coordinator. Her goal is to help the residents live a richer, wealthier and happy life. Becky’s performs a very wide range of service to the seniors such as health screenings, legal clinics, home maker services, home health care and other educational seminars. She is here to improve their quality of life for an independent life style.


Turner Oden – Maintenace Supervisor

Mr. Turner Oden  has been with New Pisgah Haven Homes for fourteen years.  Oden as we call him, started out as the maintenance Supervisor at New Pisgah.  Mr. Oden has trained many employees during the fourteen years of his professional service, Oden oversees all maintaining and request repairs  done for the property, he also oversees the department of sanitation.  Mr. Oden  does the inventory control of stock being received and distributed. He repairs all the Appliances of the property,  his moto is ” if it’s broke, he’ll fix it”  Oden maintains the property of New Pisgah from the top to the bottom, where there’s work to be done, you’ll find Oden doing it,  whether it’s big or small Oden handles it all.  Oden is skilled in the Electrical field, Plumbing, Heating, and Auto Mechanic as well,  just to name a few.

Lorenzo Moore – Maintenance

Lorenzo started with New Pisgah Haven Homes in February 2004 as janitorial, and was promoted to Sanitation Engineer. Lorenzo duties are decorating on and painting of the property, and when he’s not doing his regular duties he does the basic maintenance for New Pisgah Haven Homes.


Lloyd Williams – Maintenance

Lloyd Williams  Started  with New Pisgah Haven Homes in October 2011.  with the courtesy department.   He was promoted  to maintenance in October 2011. He perform various duties   around the property of New Pisgah Haven Homes.   Lloyd maintains the care of the property on a daily basis.   He assist with all the repairs that needs be done, he analyses  the situation at hand, and then executes it.  Lloyd catches on very quickly and he’s very helpful as well as respectful. Lloyd does his job without any complaints. Lloyd has utilizes his skills from his previous job experience.