New Pisgah Building

Thank you for your interest in New Pisgah Haven Homes. New Pisgah Haven Home is a property developed under Section 202 of the National Housing Act with Section 8 assistance. We have 60 one-bedroom apartments and they are available to handicapped persons or Seniors 62 years of age or older.

THE BUILDING: New Pisgah Haven Homes is a seven-story elevator equipped building. With a coin-operated laundry facilities as well as one or more rooms for resident use for crafts, meetings, and other activities.

DESCRIPTION OF THE APARTMENTS: One-bedroom apartments will range from approximately 492 to 538 square feet of living space with living room/dining area, kitchen, bath, and bedroom. Frost free refrigerators, electric ranges, smoke detectors, window mini-blinds, and tile floors are provided in all apartments. Sleeves in outside walls are in all apartments for residents who wish to install their own air-conditioning units.

RENT: The rent is based on the residents’ income and allowable deductions. Usually 30% (or less) of the monthly income will cover rent and utilities. All assets, income, and allowances must be verified in writing by the management office before the exact amount rent can be determined.

UTILITIES: Gas heat, water, and trash removal will be paid by New Pisgah Haven Homes. Each resident will pay his/her own electric bill, but an allowance for this is taken into account in determining how much the rent should be.

SECURITY DEPOSIT: $50.00 or one month’s total rent (including utility allowance), whichever is greater.

ELIGIBILITY: The head of household or spouse MUST be 62 years of age or older. Applicants must be within Very Low Income limits established by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and meet other Section 8 program requirements and New Pisgah Haven Homes’ selection criteria in order to be admitted.